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In a perfect world, your code would run correctly every time. You will first see the programming you can use to handle errors, and then you will see how to use validation techniques to prevent bad data from being entered into your application in the first place.A network link to a server might fail just as you're transferring data.Or perhaps you simply didn't allow for a particular rare circumstance in your code. NET Framework offers a robust set of tools for dealing with these unexpected problems. Handled = True End If End Sub Private Sub Text Box1_Text Changed(By Val sender As System. Text = "" End If End Sub End Class Text Box control has additional functionality that is not found in the standard Windows text box control, including multiline editing and password character masking. Text Box Control The properties like Auto Complete Custom Source, Auto Complete Mode and Auto Complete Source to perform a Text Box that automatically completes user input strings by comparing the prefix letters being entered to the prefixes of all strings in a data source. You might think that this code would compare a numeric value in Text1 and return Acceptable Value for values 1 through 12, and Unacceptable Value for all other numbers.

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It can contain only unformatted text in its Text property. On the other hand, if you typed something in the required field, the focus will now be on the second field (the numeric text box). Run(form1) End Sub End Class Public Class Form1 Inherits System. Protected Overloads Overrides Sub Dispose(By Val disposing As Boolean) If disposing Then If Not (components Is Nothing) Then components. Dispose(disposing) End Sub Friend With Events Text Box1 As System. In many situations you need to enter only numeric values in the Textbox.

Here you can see some useful techniques that accept only numbers in the textbox. Run the sample program on the companion CD, type something in the required Text Box, and then move to the second field.