Constitionality of mandating flu shots how to slow down dating

02-Nov-2017 03:00

The battle over vaccination has taken a fascinating new twist in Rhode Island, where the Department of Health has proposed a policy under which all children between 6 months and 5 years of age would have to be vaccinated against the flu before entering daycare or preschool.

The twist: Along with the usual vaccination opponents, the ACLU has joined the fight — on the critics' side.

Personal belief exemptions were used (and frequently abused) by parents in California to exempt their children from vaccinations using religious beliefs (hardly any mainstream religion is opposed to vaccinations) or the “I don’t like vaccines” belief statement.

So many California children were not fully vaccinated, especially when they were clustered in certain areas of the state, lead to several outbreaks of measles, whooping cough and other infectious diseases.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, or are just generally aware of current issues regarding vaccinations, you know that Governor Jerry Brown of California signed SB 277 into law.

Despite the overwhelming support from the legislature and citizens of the state, some groups remain steadfastly opposed.

In summary, if it would not pose an undue hardship, an employer may be required to excuse an individual from a mandatory vaccination policy as a requested religious accommodation under Title VII or disability accommodation under the ADA. 1997) (en banc) (Jewish employee proved her request for leave to observe Yom Kippur was based on a sincerely held religious belief even though she had never in her prior eight-year tenure sought leave from work for a religious observance, and conceded that she generally was not a very religious person; the evidence showed that certain events in her life, including the birth of her son and the death of her father, had strengthened her religious beliefs over the years); ., 15 F.3d 1375 (6th Cir.

Where a religious accommodation is requested, the employer is permitted to obtain supporting information. 1994) (that employee had worked the Friday night shift at plant for approximately seven months after her baptism did not establish that she did not hold sincere religious belief against working on Saturdays, considering that 17 months intervened before employee was next required to work on Saturday, and employee’s undisputed testimony was that her faith and commitment to her religion grew during this time); , 134 F.

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Getting an annual flu shot will be mandatory for all students in Department of Defense schools worldwide starting this fall.

School officials said the new vaccination requirement affects all Department of Defense Education Activity students in the States and in the Pacific.

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