Consolidating your super

22-Sep-2017 09:01

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If a lost member's balance is ,000 or less, the fund has to transfer the money to the Australian Tax Office and that is known as ‘unclaimed super’. You can search for any unclaimed super by contacting the ATO.

Essential Super customers can also search anytime through the Comm Bank app or Net Bank.

If you have multiple super accounts, then you can avoid paying multiple fees which eat away at your future savings.

Combining your super into a single account with us makes it easier to manage, and you’ll be saving money too.

The best part is that combining is easy, so why not spend less than 5 minutes combining your super today?

If you’re not a member, Australian Super is open to everyone - so wherever you work and whatever you do, you can combine and join right now.

If you have more than one super account to combine, just enter your personal details once, and the new form will remember your details for the next transfer.

Once we’ve received your super from your other fund/s, or if there’s any reason why your super can’t be combined into your Australian Super account, you’ll be contacted with information on what to do next.

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If you change, you can access potential savings of up to 40%* on your premiums and receive substantial Cash Refunds back from commissions paid. You only need to have one of these Insurance policies to be eligible for a refund.Due to the higher than average figures you entered, the value of your refund may be larger than we are allowed to complete online.Please call 1800 543 373 to speak to a consultant authorised to assist you with this completing transaction.This means if you change jobs frequently or work several part-time jobs, you can end up with multiple accounts and lose track of some of your money.

If a fund can't contact a member, or they are an eligible member and their fund hasn't received a contribution to their account for five years, they are considered a 'lost member'.Financial advice helps you make decisions about your money and can be tailored to your situation (personal advice) or general financial information (general advice).