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Sadly, this was due to his continued struggled with addiction.His appearance on The Real World reminded us all that the party lifestyle promoted on the show isn’t a sustainable way of living.Phil seemed like the perfect guy to do so–until their “tour” of Minneapolis took an unexpected turn.

Her name is not Doris Day (though my old dermotologist used to have that name-RANDOM) Her name is much funnier. When you want one specific skinny, student-film hipster dick, no other will do.

This took me several days of NONSTOP working on this, so be thankful!

Bacchus told me to post this in a new thread for a fresh start, and the old thread will be locked. Real World: New York Heather’s most recent musical endeavor culminated in an album release in 2010.

Follow her on Twitter at @Tami Roman or check out her website at Tami Roman Official Website - VH1 Reality Star of the #1 hit show Basketball Wives Puck lives on a farm and raises chickens and vegetables and races four-wheeled ATVs.

Villains might be a cute theme..please NO RIVALS, and after Bloodlines idk if Fresh Meat would be the best idea I still really want a Cutthroat 2 If Ruthie or Beth end up on this challenge A Cutthroat or Ruins, either or would be great.

Jamie Larson (Real World: Explosion)- Got a call, but it's enroll in fall semester classes. Frank Sweeney (Real world: San diego 2) Madison Walls (Real World: Skeletons)- Pregnant. People that may have gotten Availability calls (Based on personal sources or social media hints, it doesn't mean they are on the cast a lot of people get calls and never heard from production until the next challenge availability calls goes out): Ashley Mitchell (Real World: explosion) Ayiiia Elizarras (Real World: Cancun) Candice Fowler (The Challenge: Bloodlines) Emilee Fitzpatrick (Real Worl: Cancun) Jenn Grijalva (Real World: Denver, no idea if she declined) Mandi Moyer (Fresh Meat 2) Nia Moore (Real World: Portland) Nicole Ramos (The Challenge: Bloodlines) Sylvia Elsrode (Real World: Skeletons) Violetta Milerman (Real World: Skeletons) Brad Fiorenza (Real World: San Diego) Bruno Bettencourt (Real World: Skeletons, not sure if he declined) Cohutta Grindstaff (Real World: Sydney) Shane Raines (The Challenge: Bloodlines) Tony Raines (Real World: Skeletons) Zach Nichols (Real World: San Diego 2) Most likely declined or not going to be part of the next challenge.